AG Jeans What can we say... premium denim. You will love the fit, the style AND the way you look in them. Worth every penny!

Autumn Cashmere One of the leading knitwear brands in the world, Autumn Cashmere has won us over with their style and comfort. Trendy details and that amazing cashmere feel always have us waiting for the newest shipment. 

Bella Dahl You will love the feel of these pieces! Since their launch in 2010, this brand has been dedicated to creating a laid back California style and they care about the quality too. They hand-dye and treat their materials right in LA. 

Brunette the Label

Launched in 2015, Brunette the Label was originally a marketing tool for the parent company. It didn't take long for them to realize there was a huge demand for the sweaters that display quirky sayings and labels. We are proud to support the Vancouver based company and maybe just a little excited to wear our cozy sweaters... I mean who doesn't want to wear "this wine is making me awesome". Get one if you can, they go quick!

Charli A chic company out of London that focuses on giving you the look that transitions from day into night. Beautiful knits, jersey and cashmere blends that let you be comfortable but look professional. 

Chaser A contemporary line designed in LA that blends rock and roll, icons of generations past and comfortable but trendy fits. 

Damselfly I may have more than one of these candles burning in my house right now... they smell AMAZING. Oh ya... and they have great sayings - since they are the original quote candle!! Whether you want to be sentimental or funny there is a candle for you. I mean really... don't we all have days where we just want to say "inhale tacos exhale negativity". Or maybe it's just me. 

DBL Designs

We love to support local entrepreneurs!! Designer Krista Curtis from Lumsden, Saskatchewan gives us unique handmade jewelry with a whimsical touch. 

des Petits Hauts  We were SO VERY EXCITED to find this brand! Beautiful, elegant and easy to wear. It's what you'd imagine yourself wearing as you stroll through the Arc de Triumph... only watch out, when you look this good you are bound to attract some attention from the paparazzi. Wear your sunglasses the flash is intense. 

Epic Blend Since their motto is "Do more fun" it stands to reason their products are just that. Fun. They don't test on animals... which is good cause that kind of grosses us out and most of their products are vegan. So sniff away, find you fave and lather up - it's Edmonton - we need a little moisture from a bottle. 

Fidelity Jeans A solid denim line that brings fashion and function together. Proud of the fact that they manufacture right here in North America in the good ol' U S of A with fabric custom-desined in Italy. 

Gentle Fawn Probably one of the easiest clothing lines to wear. Combines both beauty AND wearability!! Imagine... something pretty that makes you feel good and you can wash it... and not break the bank... and feel like you could be featured in that section of people mag where they snap photos of the celebs strolling around doing normal things... you know it - that's you, in this brand. 

Good hYOUman Need a good cry? Just read this guys bio... Casual wear designed out of a tragedy. Every season they print someone's inspirational story on their hang tags. The clothes all have some kind of motivational or opinion statement. So go ahead and tell people where you stand, wear "everyone has a story" or just give a slight nudge to your significant other and wear "forehead kisses are underrated". 

Good Luck Socks

We were so excited to be able to carry Edmonton's own Good Luck Sock! Trendy and fun designs for the man in your life... but don't worry we won't tell if you want to wear them too. 

Harris Wilson The french know good food, good wine and definately good clothes. A knitwear collection that stays true to the french philosophy that good quality trumps bells and whistles. 

Hollywood Deordorant on your shirt... no worries. Shirt opening in the most inopportune place... no worries. Heck, we can even help you lift the ladies with these products!! All the little things you wish you had but forgot to pick up. 


J/Slides were born in New York when two men decided to use the knowledge they had from creating collections for large companies to create their own. I don't even need a slipper break with these babies. Casual New York elegance and comfort. I might be in heaven...

Little Ice Tribe

Little Ice Tribe - Hang on a minute while I wipe my eyes... seriously. This Canadian best friend duo is quite simply AMAZING. Not only did they want to create a cute hockey inspired brand that kids and moms both love... not only did they decide to be socially conscious AND eco-friendly... they give back 10% of the sale of EVERY product to the Right to Play, empowering kids all across our great nation to get involved with a sport that can only be described as OURS. We love them. You will too.

Michael Stars

Michael Stars started as a brand devoted to creating the perfect tee and has evolved into a full collection of luxury essentials that embodies the modern California lifestyle for women. I know what you atre thinking... we don't live in California. Halleluiah for that, but we checked... it works for us up here in the north too. 

Minimocs Made in Canada adorableness... really can you beat that? The cutest little shoes that actually stay on your littles. 


Mos Mosh

Mos Mosh We have been searching for the perfect suit jacket for a long time... and we think we have finally found it. Mom Mosh fits amazing and looks amazing. If we could live in our sweatpants we would but every now and again a girls gotta dress it up a bit. We got you covered.

One Grey Day

One Grey Day Knits and more knits... which is exactly what we need for our cold and snowy winter season! 

Portage and Main

Portage and main Honestly we are so so happy we found this adorable brand. Designed and manufactured in our own amazing city, we know you will be in love with the adorable clothes for your littles... AND for you. 

Posh and Cozy

Posh and Cozy Another sweet brand from our own Alberta. Can you beat adorable pieces for your little AND they're local? We love being able to support Albertans and letting the littles be comfortable and cute...

Sanctuary We absolutely LOVE this line! One of our faves because of the great fit and fantasic look. Makes getting dressed easy (also known as being able to get ready for a day without a meltdown) and if you are anything like us, that's an accomplishment! Just ask our husbands, or don't... we don't want to open that can of worms.  

Soia and Kyo

Soia and Kyo We live in Alberta so we need outerwear. That's fact. We love the simplicity and elegance of this brand. If we have to wear a coat we might as well look good doing it right?

Sol Sana

Sol Sana is an Austrailian brand born in 2010. Sol Sana was born out a desire to see reaasonably priced footwear merged with high fashion, comfort and a focus on high quality leathers, trims and materials. See we really CAN have it all!

Spiritual Gangster Doesn't matter if you do yoga, this comfy cute line will be your favourite. Just in case you thought we were going all mainstream on ya... these guys donate a portion of all of their proceeds to provide meals to people in need. 

Studio III.XX

What can we say about this gem. You will LOVE us for introducing you to accessorizing with this beautful jewelry and should you have the honor of meeting her, you will love our beautful friend who designs it too! She is a proud Edmontonion, following her passion while raising her adorable son which means... she gets women, busy, harried women who just want to look cute in the middle of a snowstorm. 


Sugarboo This company is one of those rare finds. Rebecca and Rick founded the company in 2005 and named it after the nicknames they had for their kiddos. Stop... you had me at husband and wife working together... seriously though when a company's motto is "Above all, we believe in putting good things into the world" we are in. We could all use a little more good in the world.  

Sun Bum We love things that are healthy AND they work. We decided this was a MUST for us. Sunscreens and lipbalm that have no chemicals. Made in Florida, so they might know a thing or two about sun. Like we know a thing or two about winter. Before you tell us we are crazy since we only get a few months of summer listen up... just like water, snow reflects the sun and can increase the potency of UV rays by 50%... lather up - we're saving your life!


We think this brand is the perfect addition to our family. Cute, trendy pieces designed by Tai, a mama of three in LA. We also love that she uses her brand to give back to both her native Thailand and her adopted USA. We love people like that...

The Giving Keys Who would have thought that someone who stayed on the road too much would think to employ a couple of homeless people to make jewlery out of those keys and that would begin a movement that employed people in need AND gave people a reason to spread compassion or hope?? I should have had my hubby collecting keys all those years of travelling!!! Seriously though, SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA!!!! You buy a necklace or bracelet, all of which have one word stamped on them and when you come across someone who needs it more than you, you pass it on... 


Wildfox Designed in LA and launched in 2008 this trendy, casual brand has you covered. Comfy sweaters and tees with quirky sayings make casual day fun. 

Wrinkle and Crease

Sometimes you stumble across something special when you aren't even looking. Wrinkle and Crease is elegance and beauty in paper products. The thought that goes into each piece is apparent and we LOVE that. We also love that the creator and designer Kayley is a fellow Albertan. 

""Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.""

- Mother Theresa