The spirit of Christmas...

Christmas... it really is the most wonderful time of the year. For me anyway, even though this Christmas is bound to be the hardest one yet as we figure out what it looks like to celebrate without my dad. As we decorated the store for the first time and then the house, it was hard. In fact, a part of me didn't want to acknowledge Christmas at all. Then I looked at the faces of my four beautiful children. Excited to get out the decorations that symbolize to them, a family tradition that binds us together. And I cried, decorated, cried some more and decided... Christmas NEEDS to be the most wonderful time of the year. 

Yes, we need to be present and engaged the entire year through - but what Christmas symbolizes to us is, hope. Regardless of what beliefs you hold dear, we all need hope. It's what moves us forward. What would life look like without it? So, for us, the birth of a baby, who came to save us, gives us hope that we aren't lost. That we aren't destined to be forgotten or unloved. That even at the hardest of times, we can do this thing called life. So we give! We give in celebration of the best gift we ever got. 

As we begin December and the clock races towards the 25th I challenge you... to slow down. To have hope and to love more. Give gifts yes, (that's the fun part!) but more than that give the gift of yourself. Life is hard and in the words of Brett Novek (who designs one of our favorite motivational clothing lines good hYOUman) "Everyone has a story". Let's all remember that through this Christmas season.

Here's where I'd give you a hug... yes, I'm a hugger. 

Merry Christmas!