Studio III.XX

The face(s) behind Studio III.XX

Those who know me best would say I've always had an eye for detail & an immense love for fashion & style. I love the fact that I'm the only me this world will ever see & when I couldn't find unique pieces to help express who I was, I would create them. It really all started as a hobby fulfilling personal desires. This allowed me to explore my creativity, leaving me with not only a beautiful piece but perhaps more importantly a beautiful story. The end result would always be something that I loved. 

My pieces started to get attention from friends & family so I'd put my little fingers to work making things here & there for those closest to me. It became very clear to me that what made me happy also made others feel the same way. I thought to myself, "Now how could I share this feeling with everyone?". I continued on about my life just tinkering around making pieces at random.

I once read "What is born from love will generate more love". These words have stayed with me & on March 20th, 2014 they rang true with the birth of my son. He was made from love & within minutes of his existence he created so much more love for so many of us. It was powerful, contagious & unstoppable. I knew then that I was capable of doing the same. It is because of my son Pfeiffer that I am now sharing my passion with all of you. He is a part of everything I do.

Studio III.XX represents the many sides of me. I do a lot of dainty pieces that can be worn alone but my current obsession is layering like mad. I'm all about mixing pieces you'd never think to in order to create something new, something different. I also love the mix of colour & texture. Pairing glossy finishes with matte golds & raw stones gives one endless combinations to create. In Studio III.XX you'll find the use of beautiful stones, faceted crystal, silk tassels & quirky gold charms. This I promise you, each piece is fun & represents a part of me. 

So with great pride, I am introducing you all to Studio III.XX (Pfeif's Birthday). I am beyond excited to be joining forces with the lovely ladies of Four Clothing. With their help, you can now experience what brings me joy & I can only hope that you find a piece that speaks to you. May Studio III.XX make you feel as beautiful & unique as you are! Know that my hope here is to spread the love they only way I know how, by creating it. So I welcome this new chapter to my life & I invite all of you along for the ride. 

To you Pfeiffer, I thank you for being the drive to follow my heart. You are my entire world. Mommy loves you to the moon & back, with the strength of all the stars. 

Much Love,
Stacey :)