Raven and Lily

Imagine this: a brand that empowers women. Imagine it helping to alleviate poverty by providing women and their children with education, occupation, fair pay, medical relief, and a healthy and happy environment. Imagine the brand reflects the entire world, not just our amazing little piece of it. Imagine being able to contribute to that. Sounds pretty good, right?! Let us let you in on a little secret- it exists, and it’s closer than you think. Welcome to the beautiful and exotic brand of Raven and Lily. 

It’s quite simple… Raven and Lily was created to empower women and give they and their families the opportunity to escape the effects of poverty. They’ve employed over 1,500 women in nine different countries that come from at-risk backgrounds, all while remaining committed to their hand-made, fair-trade, beautiful, eco-friendly products. 

If there’s one thing we love here at Four, it’s making our customers look and feel beautiful.  So if we get the chance to help our friends across the globe feel the same way, we definitely take it. While this brand already has us smitten, here’s a few more reasons why Raven and Lily are going to be your newest obsession, too:

-This brand is entirely unique. As if a brand that empowers women in high risk environments wasn’t quite enough… each product is a direct reflection of the culture of the woman that made it. Add in the use of eco-friendly practices and the donation of healthcare and education back to the artisan’s communities, you have a brand as unique as the ladies that create it. 

-Every product is like a trip around the world. 1,500 unique women in 9 unique countries, that’s a lot of diversity! Whether you’re purchasing jewelry created with melted bullet casings and vintage silver coin beads from the ladies in Ethiopia, or eco-friendly totes made with cotton grown without any chemicals of fertilizers from the women of India, each product is a little piece of culture from across the globe. 

-The Earth will thank you, too. Each Raven and Lily product is carefully thought out in its Austin, Texas studio. It takes into account not only the skills of each group of women, but also is sure to carefully utilize the sustainable and locally found textiles around them, aiming to create entirely ecofriendly products. That’s right- not only does this brand give back to its creators and their communities, it gives back to the Earth as well. 

A few years ago, our very own Alli got the opportunity to travel to Sierra Leone, Africa on a mission trip. There, her heart was touched by the culture and beauty of life across the globe and she realized just how beautiful humans and their different cultures really were. It was Alli that helped initially source out this brand, and we can’t help but wonder if her big heart was drawn to it because of the amazing causes and accomplishments it has achieved. (Another reason as to why this amazing brand is on our shelf)

Everyone has a little bit of “I want to save the world” inside them, and here at Four we believe there’s more than one way to act on it. If planning a trip across the globe to discover different cultures for yourself is a little more adventure than you are comfortable with, don’t worry! By purchasing Raven and Lily, you can help women and learn about their culture without leaving your comfort zone. So next time you’re up for a little act of world-saving, (or you just want a beautiful new item for your wardrobe) come down to Four for the brand created for beautiful women, by beautiful women.