Pay it Forward...

It would have been our dad's birthday this past weekend... we would have made him a big seafood pasta (his favourite), made him a cake and poured him a large glass of red.

It doesn't really seem like it's been 8 months since he died, but it has. Like anyone wo has dealt with a loss, I didn't know how i would get back up and move forward. But here I am. 

At his memorial and in his obituary, we asked that in lieu of flowers, people might pay it forward. You see, my dad was a giver. He would give you the shirt off his back, even if he didn't have another one to put on. He was a tough guy back in the day, feared by many, but I learned when I heard his friends at the memorial, in tears over losing him, that for the most part... he fought for the underdog, the weak and the bullied. A true servant, was one friends remark.

I am asking you, all of you who might be reading this - from the bottom of my heart, pay it forward. 

I know that everyone thinks that means paying for someting in the drive-thru, but really, it just means give something to someone without expecting anything in return. Maybe it's a smile, saying hello, sure maybe it's a coffee, or flowers for the lady that no one speaks to at work. But maybe it's also a footrub for your teenage daughter or sitting with your husband while he watches a hockey game. It can be any little thing that brings even the tiniest bit of joy to someone. 

I'm the first one to think to myself... ugh, I need a footrub, or he won't watch the cooking channel with me! But that's how change happens. Life isn't about me so I do something that makes someone else happy without expecting anything in return. I pay it forward. I will be honest and tell you I haven't been as good at it as I wanted to be after my dad died. But after writing this I am filled with hope and anticipation.

I can do this, make my small mark on the world, everyday. Will you join with me?