good hYOUman

Sometimes life doesn't go like you plan... take Brett Novek for instance. The founder of good hYOUman probably didn't think he'd end up creating a successful clothing line when he grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Probably didn't even think it when he was a student at the University of Central Florida in marketing. I can almost guarantee you it wasn't his life's dream when he moved to California to start a modelling and acting career... but life usually sends you down the path you'd least expect, doesn't it. 

In 2008, David, Brett's father died of non-hodgkins lymphoma. Talk about an abrupt turn of events. But as much as tragedy can derail and demolish you, it can also throw you so far off the track you were on, that you find yourself on a new one. That's what happened to Brett as he watched infomercials one late night. He bought his first screen printer. When it go to him, he made his first shirt which said, "my life story is going to be a good one". And the movement of good hYOUman was born. 

It truly is a movement, as the company's goal is "to create and deliver extremely comfortable clothing and unique accessories that make you feel good". We've been sourcing brands for enough time now to know... that isn't usually a company goal. It's rare to find a company that cares about it's buyers and even more rare to find one willing to donate part of it's profits to help others like good hYOUman does. They donate part of their profits to help people with leukemia and lymphoma. They also partner with cutomers to create limited edition shirts that they sell and then donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause of that customers' choice. They care, for real. 

I read an interview with Brett where he said one of the most important things he tries to remember is to "treat others the way you want to be treated". I want to give the guy a hug! If only we could all remember that! If only it mattered to us that like Novek's shirt says "Everyone has a story". Maybe we'd all cut each other a little slack - because you just never know what each person's story is or what brought them to this place in their life.

Brett Novek, we salute you. For taking your tragedy and building something that we think you're dad would be pretty proud of, for giving us a clothing line we can believe in that helps others, and for keeping it real. 

Let's all go and "make our life story a good one".