Fall Trends

We can’t deny it any more- winter is officially coming. We can see it in the leaves, the temperature, our fashion… 

Although many of us may not be exactly excited for the season of fireplaces and winter coats that is approaching, we can certainly rejoice in what it means for us right now- fall fashion.

Although classic looks never go out of style, 2015 has brought a few new additions to our fall closet:

  1. Booties. It’s official. 2015 is the year of booties. With their wide range of styles, booties are able to be paired with casual dresses, leggings, jeans (anything, really!), making them a definite no brainer when seeking to compliment any look you’re rocking this fall.  
  2. Blanket Scarves. Scarves are often one of the first accessories we turn to when approaching the cold seasons- for good reason. Comfy, soft, cute, what more could a woman ask for? While scarves never seem to falter in the fashion world, they certainly change form! With 2014 being the year of infinity scarves, it only makes sense for 2015 to have its own movement. Well it has, bringing us the blanket scarf. They’re large enough to be comfy, soft enough to be warm, and trendy enough to go with anything- making them the ultimate fall accessory! 
  3. Leather Leggings. There’s a stigma on leather leggings- that they’re strictly made for a night consisting of bars and cocktails. (Spoiler alert: THEY’RE NOT!) With such a wide variety of styles, fits, and designs, leather leggings can be matched with, well, anything! For a comfy look, try matching it with your favorite wool sweater, or go professional with a blouse and simple jewelry. Casual shirts (our favorite Amsterdam designer, Zoe Karssen can help ya out with that) can also complete your look. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out on the town, or to face a day at the office with style, leather leggings are a must have. 
  4. Woolen Sweaters. We gave a little hint for this one above in our leather leggings mention, but really, how could we not? It is timeless fall fashion to wear comfy sweaters, but 2015 really brought them on our radars.  Dress them up with long necklaces, collab them with your favorite scarf, or rock them on their own with leggings or jeans, and boom! The perfect (comfy, cute, stylish…the list is endless) fall outfit. 
  5. Boyfriend Jeans. We can all breathe again ladies- the skinny jean trend is no longer around every corner! In its place stands a new, more universally loved denim- the boyfriend jean.  Borrowed from the style of our boys, this fit is meant to be a looser, more relaxed fit. With it flattering on every body type, it’s easy to understand why celebrity models like Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Aniston are all turning to the new and improved denim. Wear them dark or light wash, cuffed or not cuffed, casual or formal, these comfy but cute jeans are sure to complete your outfit while complimenting your body- double win! 


Regardless of the style you’re pulling off this season, these trends are sure to oblige, making you both the trendiest and chicest woman on the block! (PS: if you ever need any help finding these must-haves, we know a certain little boutique that just so happens to carry them…) Happy fall everyone!