Apr 25


Parenting is the most difficult thing I have ever done.There is nothing that really even comes close to second.It is challenging, exhausting, beautiful and rewarding all in one moments time and I have to say… nothing prepared me for this role.My ignorant pre-mother self had it all figured out. I knew the mother I would be, the child I would have and the discipline I would use.I laugh in the face…

Apr 18

Harlow Skin Co.

Warm welcome to our new favorites from HARLOW | SKIN | CO. Mmm…As I sit her typing I am smelling the beautiful candle crackling next to me and the creamy body butter I just lathered all over my forever dry legs. We are all recovering from the dry skin left over by winter. As short season fast approaches (Yay!) I just can’t get enough of these amazing smelling products from HARLOW Skin Co. And,…

Mar 07

Pay it Forward...

It would have been our dad's birthday this past weekend... we would have made him a big seafood pasta (his favourite), made him a cake and poured him a large glass of red. It doesn't really seem like it's been 8 months since he died, but it has. Like anyone wo has dealt with a loss, I didn't know how i would get back up and move forward. But here I am.  At his memorial and in his obituary, we asked…

Feb 29

good hYOUman

Sometimes life doesn't go like you plan... take Brett Novek for instance. The founder of good hYOUman probably didn't think he'd end up creating a successful clothing line when he grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Probably didn't even think it when he was a student at the University of Central Florida in marketing. I can almost guarantee you it wasn't his life's dream when he moved to California…

Feb 23

AG Denim: The story behind the brand we love.

In 2000, denim manufacturing icon Yul Ku and "the godfather of denim', Adriano Goldschmeid partnered together to form a new heavy hitter in the denim industry. Mr. Goldschmeid was the designer for succesful brands such as Diesel and Replay. Mr Ku was the man behind the success of brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap and J.Crew, just to name a few. So, it's not a surprise really that they were…

Feb 01


Clearly the blog posts have been lacking lately. It's been on "my list". There are a lot of things on that list. Not very many of them bring joy or peace to my life. I mean sure, cleaning closets helps with a more peaceful feeling when it's done but... getting to it, that's the non-peaceful part. Usually it entails me acting like a crazy woman while I rush my kids through their evening, or day or…

Dec 14

Gift Giving Guide

Hello Christmas Shoppers... We've complied a list of our favorite gift ideas for you!  1. LaMarque Leather Jacket - if you want to spoil the lady in your life, this is the gift for you. Beautiful leathers with an amazing fit. She won't return this gift! 2. A Giving Key - pick a word that inspires, supports or encourages the special person in your life. We've had an amazing response so far for these…

Dec 07

Raven and Lily

Imagine this: a brand that empowers women. Imagine it helping to alleviate poverty by providing women and their children with education, occupation, fair pay, medical relief, and a healthy and happy environment. Imagine the brand reflects the entire world, not just our amazing little piece of it. Imagine being able to contribute to that. Sounds pretty good, right?! Let us let you in on a little secret-…

Nov 30

The spirit of Christmas...

Christmas... it really is the most wonderful time of the year. For me anyway, even though this Christmas is bound to be the hardest one yet as we figure out what it looks like to celebrate without my dad. As we decorated the store for the first time and then the house, it was hard. In fact, a part of me didn't want to acknowledge Christmas at all. Then I looked at the faces of my four beautiful children.…

Nov 16

The Giving Keys

“Ugly, broke, and hungry”  …read the cardboard sign that homeless couple Rob and Cera were clutching under an umbrella one day in downtown Hollywood. The sign was as heartbreaking as it was real, showcasing the pain and hardships of our society that go too often ignored. The sign’s purpose proved to accomplish what it set out for- one person’s realization and sympathy- but what the couple…

Nov 09

Fall Trends

We can’t deny it any more- winter is officially coming. We can see it in the leaves, the temperature, our fashion…  Although many of us may not be exactly excited for the season of fireplaces and winter coats that is approaching, we can certainly rejoice in what it means for us right now- fall fashion. Although classic looks never go out of style, 2015 has brought a few new additions to our fall…

Nov 02

Zoe Karssen

Tie-dye, scrunchies, and crimped hair are (minor?) fashion felonies we can all agree we’ve committed at one point or another in our lives. Felonies for good reason- nobody looks back on their twelfth grade photos and is thankful their mother let them wear “B.U.M.” hoodies. For one Amsterdam based designer however, her re-enactment of the childhood do-it-yourself-t-shirt was exactly what started…

Oct 26

Studio III.XX

The face(s) behind Studio III.XXThose who know me best would say I've always had an eye for detail & an immense love for fashion & style. I love the fact that I'm the only me this world will ever see & when I couldn't find unique pieces to help express who I was, I would create them. It really all started as a hobby fulfilling personal desires. This allowed me to explore my creativity, leaving me…

Oct 19

A look inside...

Our first week down- that’s crazy!! It is a surreal feeling, to be able to pursue your dreams. Creating something so rich in its communal efforts, yet still being able to personalize and weave our own identities and thoughts organically throughout is such an incredible opportunity and we are beyond blessed to be able to invite you inside. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I am not good at letting…

""The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.""

- Mohadesa Najumi